Recruitment Training

According to the US Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  1. Sales turnover averages 34% per year
  2. The average cost of turnover is over 50% of the outgoing employee’s salary
  3. Companies spend 5x more money training their sales department than all others combined

Sales turnover is a people problem before it’s a training problem.

We’ve developed 8 Simple Steps to recruiting, hiring and retaining top sales talent that has resulted in:

  • Over 90% retention of sales employees for over two years
  • Proven methods to condense the recruiting timeline by 30% or more
  • A 99% confidence rate in the abilities of the candidate to translate from interview to sales production

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You do recruiting on your own internally, and you’re not ready to source that part of the process out to The Sales Bull quite yet?  No problem, but we can all agree there’s always more to learn, right? And there are new ways to doing old things, right?

The Sales Bull is in ONLY recruiting company that we are aware of that offers to TEACH YOU our methods of recruiting, hiring and retaining top tier sales talent. We’ll teach you our “secret sauce” to learn our data driven processes and techniques which have resulted in over 90% retention rate after year one. That’s nearly DOUBLE industry average. Sign up for one of our upcoming webinars to learn our ways. A $500 investment could save you tens of thousands of dollars if it helps you avoid just ONE bad sales hire.